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The Prepper Folk Hour is  of common folk teaching on common sense traditions of sustainability for the everyday suburban  homesteader or the SHTF Survivalists. Topics will include being ready for whatever life brings, being prepared in and out of all seasons.
We are just folks, just like you. We see the world around us and grow more conscience of the upheaval of society at an alarming rate. We believe it's important for every man and woman to be self sufficient and not reliant on government or unions of men.
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The Prepper Folks 2012
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1.The action of making ready or being made ready for use. 2.Something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

folk (fk)
n. pl. folk or folks
1. a. The common people of a society or region considered as the representatives of a traditional way of life and especially as the originators or carriers of the customs, beliefs, and arts that make up a distinctive culture: a leader who came from the folk.

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8/25/2012   On  The Prepper Folks and Company we’ll continue getting ready for the  upcoming winter with Mr. and Mrs. Real Economic Survival.

8/18/2012    For the folks who are blessed to have a garden, this is the time of the year when all the hard work pays off. It’s the time when they are picking and storing up for winter.

6/30/2012   Part 2 of the discussion we began last week about surveillance and privacy.

8/4/2012  Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched?  Well, we’re here to tell you that it is not your imagination.  You are being watched.

7/28/2012   Mr. Real from Real Economic Survival is here to discuss the economic crisis that is coming on the world and how you can be ready.

7/21/2012  Jon 'Double Tap' is here to talk about the Zombie Apocalypse and being ready for whatever comes.



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